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10% Cashback Promo

1. Promo is available for customers who deposit their accounts via betting shops and Pay Planet payment system.

2. The participants get 10% for each deposit to the bonus account! The bonus is added every hour.

3. Deposit via any other method does not disqualify the customer from taking part in the promo and all awarded bonuses are not cancelled. Bonus is valid for unlimited time.

4. Bonus bet can be placed every day any time and only on full amount available on the bonus account. Next bonus bet can be placed only when the previous one is settled. Bonus bet can not be cashed out.

5. To transfer bonus amount to the main account the customer should place single or accumulator bet from “Pre-match” and/or “Live” with minimum odds of 5. If bet wins, customer will only get the bonus bet amount (i.e bonus amount, not the winnings of the bet) to his real account.

6. If during the settlement of the bonus bet the accumulator odds become lower than 5 due to refunds, bet stake is refunded to the bonus account. However, bonus bet can only be re-settled if next bonus bet is not placed.

7. The Bookmaker has the right to decline participation in promotion at its own discretion and cancel all added bonuses in case of suspicion of abuse.

8. This promotion is valid until the announcement of its termination. If a decision is made to stop this promotion, players will be informed in a month and will be given time to use the awarded bonuses.

PROMO Who has more

Olimp gives out huge cash prizes among active customers every day. Collect a series of winning bets and get your prize! More bets - higher winnings!

Promotion T&Cs

  • 1. To take part in promotion, place a bet with odds 1.6 to 1.69, confirm your participation by clicking on "Take part" button in "My bets" section;
  • 2. The participant selects a series of single bets or accumulators with odds from 1.6 (1.61, 1.62, 1.63....1.69 allowed) to maximum possible odds with a step of 0.1. It is allowed to make a series of bets with the specified steps or add bets gradually;
  • 3. Minimum bet stake - 610 KZT;
  • 4. After placing a bet, please add it to the list of promotion bets by ticking it in “My bets” section within two minutes;
  • 5. The winner of the promotion is the player who has collected a series of winning bets with maximum odds by 23:59 Nur-Sultan time (odds 2,55 is considered higher than 2,54), in case the winners have similar odds, player that placed his last winning bet earlier takes a higher place;
  • 6. It is allowed to take part in promotion several times. If your series has lost*, you can start again from your last lost odds and continue your series of bets**. Re-adding bets already used in promotion and bets placed on the same outcome is not allowed;
  • 7. The accounts of all participants are published on a special page, as well as the statuses of their bets and maximum odds, that the leader has at the current moment;
  • 8. Promotion continues from 00:00 to 23:59 by Nur-Sultan time on a daily basis;
  • 9. Prizes are awarded to the first 10 places;
  • 10. Prize fund can be changed at the discretion of promotion organizators. The amount of prize fund for the next day will be announced on promotion page at 23:00 by Nur-Sultan time;
  • 11. Prize fund is divided as follows:
    1st place – 50% of prize fund;
    2nd place – 20% of prize fund;
    3rd place – 10% of prize fund;
    4 - 5th place – 5% of prize fund;
    6 - 10th place – 2% of prize fund.

* To continue the lost series, the bet stake should exceed the minimum bet amount on 610 KZT (if the series is lost again, bet stake should exceed the minimum bet amount on 610 KZT and etc.), in case the bet is won, the stake for the following series of bets should be equal or exceed the minimum bet stake of promotion.

** If there are unsettled bets in a series, that will be settled as Lost, the series should be started anew with the minimum lost odds, and all bets above this odds will be canceled.

*** Bets settled as Refund do not take part in promotion. Events that have not been settled until 23:59 by Nur-Sultan time of the current day, do not take part either.

**** Bets placed on Asian handicaps and totals do not take part in promotion. Only bets on real sports events take part in promotion. Cash Out is not available for the promo bets.

***** The organizer reserves the right to change the terms of promotion, to cancel or resume it, as well as reject participation at any time without prior notification.

Special offers
«special offer» bonus
Special offer – is pre-formed bookmaker accumulators from different number of events, which gives an increased (compared with the general line) odds.
Special offers are settled the same way as general bets, according to the Terms and Conditions..
Make your deposits via any payment system without paying any transaction fees –
any fees initially deducted will be re-credited to your account!

*Please be aware that some payment systems impose a maximum deposit amount per day. This amount may be subjected to insignificant reductions as a result of currency exchange rates.
Bonus Hide
Accumulator bonus up to 10%
Bonus – A special event with fixed odds which may be added by the Bookmaker to multiple bets with accumulated odds of a minimum of 2.50.

The value of the bonus depends on the number of selections in the multiple bet:

The following restrictions are applied for the accumulator bonus:

a) If one or more of the events in the multiple bet are calculated as a refund and as a result, the accumulated odds are reduced to less than 2.50, the bonus is also calculated as a refund;

b) In the event that one or more selections within a multiple bet are settled as a refund, the odds of the bonus applied are adjusted accordingly. For example, if in a multiple bet of ten selections, one selection is settled as a refund, the odds of the bonus applied are adjusted to 1.09;

c) Bonus is added on bets placed via internet accounts only;

d) Bonus is added to all Pre-match, Live events and mix bets.
BEST PRICE Best starting price guarantee

1. The Bookmaker selects any event (match, tournament, championship) at its own discretion, for which the guarantee will be applied and determines the maximum bet stake for this guarantee.

2. The Bookmaker does not undertake an obligation to pay winnings with Best starting price by default or by customer’s request.

3. The Bookmaker reserves the right to refuse providing Best starting price guarantee to any person without explanation, at its own discretion.

4. Best starting price is only applied to bets placed in “Pre-match” section of the website and only for certain markets selected by the Bookmaker.

5. More information in 6.21 of T&Cs..

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